Storm Damage

Be prepared for storm season!

As with most things in life, being prepared for storm season is a lot easier than dealing with damage once it’s been done.

At Ausplumb, we offer a specialist storm damage service where we make sure all your home’s storm drainage and plumbing systems are ready for heavy rains and winds. We perform this service as standard, free of charge, during most roofing and drainage call-outs.

This service has saved countless homes around the Rockhampton region from what could have been extensive damage – and it’s so easy and quick that there’s no excuse not to do it!

But if the damage has already been done, fear not – the Ausplumb team is at your service to make sure everything is repaired and ready for the next downpour.

Our storm damage preparation service covers most aspects of your home’s drainage and plumbing, including:

  • Check roof for leaks, corrosion and weak spots
  • Advise on nearby trees and other potential sources of debris
  • Check gutters and downpipes to make sure they’re clear and functioning
  • Ensure window tracks are clean and aiding proper drainage
  • Check house and stormwater drainage performance and integrity

These simple checks could save your home from irreparable damage.

To book a storm damage inspection, please call Ausplumb on (07) 4926 8001 or 0419 799 324.